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Final Thoughts on Tebow

As his season comes to an end, here are a few parting thoughts about Tim Tebow:

1. He is young, and whether he can turn into a good quarterback is still to be seen.  But he is a gamer, and I give him credit.

2. I like to tease famous people as much as the next person.  Although religious (in some important sense) myself, I don’t mind religious teasing at all.  One must keep one’s sense of humor, especially about the most important things.  Jimmy Fallon’s “Tebowie” is funny. Dropping into a “tebowing” position at key moments throughout the day is funny.  Funny is good.  But reading the tweets last night, there are some tightly wound Tebow-haters out there – usually as a species of religion-haters generally.  I find their comments distinctly unfunny.  “Where’s your god, now, Tebow?” one asks. Really?  Do you think Tebow believes he just has pray and god’ll give him the win?  Do you really think he thinks that? Of course, if he does think that he’s a nut.  I just don’t think he’s a nut, and I wonder where the evidence is that he is.  “Tebow has that thousand yard stare like religious fanatics do.” Really?  No, not really.  And these are the mild comments that were floating around.  I don’t wonder what’s up with Tebow. I wonder what’s up with his mean-spirited critics.  Tebow is just a young guy with a deeply religious commitment in a harsh spotlight.  He’s not hurting you (unless of course your are the Steelers defense, in which case he inexplicably was hurting you very badly).

3.  Tebow is not the only religious guy playing professional sports. Why pick on Tebow so much? I am a fan of Troy Polamalu.  You do realize he makes the sign of the cross about a million times per game, right?  For what does Troy pray?  “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. O Lord, let me crush this receiver to dust. Amen.”?  Well, I don’t know what he prays for.  Yet I hear no wise cracks about Polamalu, except perhaps about his goofy hair. And the examples of devout guys playing sports could be multiplied many times over.  I’m thinking that if I had to face the likes of Polamalu once a week I’d be praying like crazy at least not to be killed or crippled (and, oh yes, if we could get a win out of this I’d be much obliged, amen).  You would too – face it!

4.  Well, anyway, I wish him well – within reason.  Tebow’s not my QB and Denver is not my team.  I’m never going to be unhappy to see them lose. But that’s not because Tebow has a relationship with his personallordandsaviour. It’s because they are not the Steelers (or even the Eagles).  Plus, how happy could I possibly be to see Brady and the Patsies beat anyone?





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