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Write it down! (Again!)


There is no question, none at all.  It is a mathematical, logical, metaphysical, and theological certainty.  The Pittsburgh Steelers WILL WIN the Super Bowl on Sunday.  Write it down!!

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Let’s Go, Flyers!

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And now, some REALLY bad news…

After the last few posts, one would think it cannot get any worse.  But it can:  The Phillies lost their bid to repeat as World Champions!  Congratulations to the Phillies for a great season (special shout out to the vastly underappreciated Carlos Ruiz). 

Congratulations,too, to the Yankees, of course, of course.  As a baseball fan, it is fun to watch Jeter, Sabathia, Damon, Matsui, et. al. But note:

Yankees 2009 payroll:  $208 million.

Phillies 2009 payroll:  $111 million.

This means it cost the Yanks $97 million to get those last two games.  I know the NYC fans think it was worth it.  But institute a salary cap and floor in MLB and see what happens then!

Three months ‘til spring training!!!


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¡No No Sabathia! ¡Sí Sí Lee!

A beauty pitched by Cliff Lee last night (and truth be told Sabathia was pretty good, too).  What a great baseball game!  Sports-talk radio yesterday afternoon said the x-factor might be Utley stepping up…seems right to me now! 

Let’s go:  three more Phillies wins!


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Pens Win!!!!!!!!!!


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‘Nova Nation!!

It’s a big weekend around here for hoops fans.  I am a Philly guy, and I have lots of ties to our great universities in this area.  I love LaSalle for the education they gave our daughter.  I love, love, love teaching on Hawk Hill!  But my dad got a degree from Villanova, I got a degree from Villanova, and in a few weeks our daughter will get a degree from Villanova.  This weekend I’m bleeding blue and white–a proud member of the ‘Nova Nation!  I believed!  I had ’em in my Final Four from the beginning (I’m 3 for 4, btw…I didn’t see Michigan State coming…).  I know we can take NC (that “Carolina blue” is kinda washed out, don’t you think?)  Go Wildcats!!

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WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

steelers2009bSteelers 27  Cardinals 23

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