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What can’t you say? Stephen Fry, Slavoj Žižek, Elif Shafak and more say the unsayable


Over there at the New Statesman, a gaggle of interesting people were asked what you can’t say, what we’re not allowed to say…and then to say it. Well worth a scan, but I think I prefer Nick Cave’s answer the best:

The lovely thing about the unsayable is that it is unsaid. As soon as it is said, it is sayable and loses all its mystery and ambiguity. Art exists so that the unsayable can be said without having to actually say it. We cloud it in secrecy and obfuscation. The mind is free to roam and all things can be imagined, under the cover of darkness. How nice that is. The unsayable. How tired we are of having things explained to us. Having things said. How nice it is, when people just shut the fuck up.

What can’t you say? Stephen Fry, Slavoj Žižek, Elif Shafak and more say the unsayable.


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Liberation for Reality

 Even though I am religated to our common reality—inescapably—I struggle to be free. Not free from it, but free for it. When we come upon obstacles to our apprehension of reality, to the real possibilities that it provides, to fulfilling the real demands it places upon us, then we need to be liberated from these obstacles. These obstacles are unreality. We need to liberate ourselves for reality.

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Liberation Theology Blog | Per Caritatem

There was an interesting series of posts on various aspects of liberation theology over at Per Caritatem. The tags/search function seems to be a lithely hinky, but you can find all 8 posts starting here: Liberation Theology Blog | Per Caritatem.

Check it out.

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