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Friday Night at the Floyd Country Store, Floyd, VA


The Floyd Country Store on Friday night.

There’s no place I’d rather be on a Friday night than the Floyd Country Store in the “People’s Republic of Floyd, VA.”  And you don’t even have to go inside.  You can hear first-rate musicians like Mike Mitchell (and lots of others) jamming here and there up and down the block.  Won’t cost ya a thin dime.

Fiddler Mike Mitchell and Friends

Fiddler Mike Mitchell and friends

I promised Mike I’d tell all my friends about his excellent CD, Thirteen Hours.  I’m a man of my word.  Buy it now at County Sales and enjoy!

Or how about Heather Berry and Tony Mabe?  Here they are on Route 8:

Heather Berry (guitar) and her husband, Tony Mabe (banjo)

Heather Berry (guitar) and her husband, Tony Mabe (banjo)

When we got done listening to them on the street, we returned home to find these same two performing on television with the legendary Tom T. Hall in a concert recorded in 2008!  Here’s a shot from that show:

At the Lincoln Theatre

At the Lincoln Theatre

While you’re shopping at (or at their headquarters in Floyd), a goldmine for bluegrass connoisseurs, you might pick up their Before Bluegrass CD.

There are very few street corners in the world where you can hear this much talent all at the same time.  You don’t have to take it from me.  The Smithsonian magazine thinks so, too.  Check out their feature on Floyd.

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Buffalo Mountain


Me ‘n’ K on top of Buffalo Mountain, Floyd County, Virginia:


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The BEAR Whisperer

The forest was angry that day, my friends.  There we were, deep in the dense woods, just my dear wife and myself, unarmed, alone…when all of a sudden:  a mighty crash and roar!  We had come face-to-face with the monstrous beast, the ruler of the forest, the mountain king–the mighty Black Bear!


As my dear wife cowered in (quite understandable, non-gender-specific) fear, I approached the beast.  He glowered.  I genuflected.  He looked puzzled.  I kneeled.  He kneeled.  I folded my hands.  He folded his hands.  I raised my eyes to the heavens.  He raised his eyes to the heavens.  I figured that such a spiritual bear might be reasoned with.  I said to the bear, “I see you are the praying kind.”  The bear said, “Yes, I always say grace before a meal.”


This was not going as well as I had anticipated.  I said to the bear, “Don’t be afraid.”  The bear smirked.  I said, “I just want to whisper one thing in your ear.”  The bear shrugged, allowing me to approach.  I whispered in his ear.   With that, he smiled, turned, and gamboled off into the forest.

My dear wife embraced me, and with tears in her grateful eyes, cooed, “My hero!”

All in a day’s work for…THE BEAR WHISPERER!

p.s.  Just what DID I whisper to that bear…?

p.p.s.,  Here’s another photo…might be a bit more accurate than the others:


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