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Some more ideas about work

…if we’re going to debate the meaning, importance, dignity, and existence of work, we should be a lot more careful what we mean by the concept.

More from Peter Frase’s “Workin’ It.”

So let me try this, by asking: why should anyone be upset if some workers take advantage of Obamacare to reduce their working hours, or even drop out of the labor force?

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In that light, the viability of a solution like the guaranteed basic income—and whether it can be made palatable to Americans for whom work ethic is a prized national value—ends up coming down less to politics than to the fundamental question of how we see the role of work both in the lives of individuals and in society as a whole.

More from “Should the Government Pay You to be Alive?


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Feelin’ a bit Wobblie…

Andrej Grubacic – Wobblies and Zapatistas on Vimeo.

Check it out:  Industrial Workers of the World.

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