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A Tenured Professor On Why Hiring Adjuncts Is Wrong

Well, I know what she’s trying to say…but my cat needs food! Can we continue to do the wrong thing until we figure out how we’ll do the right thing (which we should do, of course)?

A Tenured Professor On Why Hiring Adjuncts Is Wrong.

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Adjunct pay: A quarter of part-time college faculty receive public assistance.

Consider: Adjunct pay: A quarter of part-time college faculty receive public assistance..


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Professors on food stamps: The shocking true story of academia in 2014 –

Our students didn’t know that professors with PhDs aren’t even earning as much as an entry-level fast food worker.

via Professors on food stamps: The shocking true story of academia in 2014 –

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Some Recent Articles & Discussions of Interest to Adjuncts, Philosophers

It is hard to keep up with all the discussions about adjunct/contingent faculty issues in general and the philosophical “marketplace” specifically.  A few recent links:

Adjuncts and Affordable Health Care Provisions

On the “Political Economy of Philosophy Instructions”

Fighting for Non-Tenure Track Faculty (from the Executive Director of the American Philosophical Association)

ICYMI: A Portrait of Part-Time Faculty Members (June 2012 .pdf)

About Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) as Dating-Services (for employers and potential employees)




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Milton Greenberg on Tenure’s Dirty Little Secret

The fact is that nontenured and non-tenure-track faculty are toiling in undesirable positions at low pay and subsidizing the interests and security of tenured faculty members whose performance is not necessarily superior to nontenured faculty or even compatible with the needs and interests of students or the institutional mission.

Read more here.

Dispute it… if you can….

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If you are a college student today enrolled in four classes during any given semester, it is likely that only one of your teachers is employed by your school in a permanent position that comes with a middle-class salary, job security, and benefits. The other three are contingent faculty, often called “adjuncts”; they have job titles like “instructor” or “lecturer” rather than “professor” but their roles in the classroom are the same.

link: Adjuncts and the Devalued PhD

I am inaugurating a new category of posts called “Adjunctivitis,” focusing on issues of concern to adjunct/contingent faculty, their spouses and families, their students, their tenured or tenure-track colleagues, college and university administrators, policy makers, and concerned citizens. Watch for tweets of interest as well.

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Lying awake at night, wondering if there’s a GED…

When is a GED better than a PhD?  Now!  Kai Ma tells yet another story of disaster and despair in the humanities.  One of her correspondents tells her:

Every single academic, especially in the humanities, has a tinge of buyer’s remorse [about their PhD]. You see your peers in law or business school make down payments on homes and buy cars and go on vacation. But as a PhD student, you’re in your 30s, still renting an apartment and driving an ’84 Corolla. It’s not cute.

Advice:  Learn a trade!

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