Why Peripatetic Praxis?

This blog will focus on various topics of interest, at least to me (but I am guessing not only to me). Topics will be wide ranging and will include my prattling on about philosophy, birding, books, sports, music, politics, the university, art, poetry, beer, various and sundry inanities, methodologies, morals, wisdom, wine, movies, etc., with hopes of there being a point made now and then.

By profession, I am a teacher.  By vocation, a philosopher.  By avocation, a birder and naturalist (or at least working to become such). In all I do, I try to be an amateur in the very best sense of that (tragically misused) term – literally, one who does it for love.

My approach is “peripatetic”–it is about being “on the move” in a loosely postmodern Aristotelian way, intellectually, spiritually, physically. This way at the same time about “praxis”–not just abstract contemplation but concrete, contextualized reflection that may lead to action.

There might be a few laughs along the way (some of which might even be intended by the blogger).

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