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Back from Vacation

Well, I’m back from “vacation.” Of course, all I mean by that is that I’m back from working at the shore instead of working at my desk here. That’s the great thing about online teaching (and philosophy): it can be done anywhere. The benefit of doing it down the shore is that there is, um, a shore waiting for you when you sign off. The drawback is that you tend to come back to your desk fatter, broker, and perhaps a tiny tad hungover (if your brothers are around every evening). Back to my monkish existence…at least for the next 9 months or so.

Besides the awesome restaurant food in Cape May, I’ve recently loaded up on a banquet of new technology: new Retina MacBook Pro, iPad Air, and a boat-load of new apps, all of which are intended (after a 5 year lull) to bring me up to date and make me more organized, efficient, and productive. That’s the hope, anyway.

I find I’m indebted to a number of helpful sites (especially Macademise and Macademic) that have given me plenty of good advice on academic workflows and handy apps. I hope to pay it forward by reporting on my impressions of apps like DEVONThink Pro Office, Scrivener, Circus Ponies Notebook, Text Expander, Keyboard Maestro, Bookends, and so on, as well as how I have used these tools to improve my work (if, in fact, they have improved it).

One of my new (school) year’s resolution is to work more diligently on this blog (as well as our birdingdaily blog), along with finishing off a couple of philosophy projects that have been languishing.

Stay tuned.



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