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The question is: Does this blog have anything to do with philosophy anymore? Truth be told, it appears to be for the birds!

Well, I philosophize more than I bird (I realize how awkward that sentence is). I teach a lot of classes (have to make ends meet, you know), which requires a lot of reading, thinking, and talking philosophy. In my “spare time,” I have been working on a few things, off-line, as it were, all having to do with philosophy one way or another. And it is, after all, baseball season and playoff time (hockey, basketball).  So, I don’t find as much time to philosophy-blog as much as I used to (little as that was…).

I expect I’ll get back to it one of these days (perhaps). But for the moment I have this stack of final exams to grade and some summer courses to prepare.


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Cinco de Mayo con las aves

Birded the Bridle Trail in Ridley Creek State Park this morning. It started clear, but quickly clouded over. That did not detract from our enjoyment (and that of so many other birders we met out there today).  The Oven Birds and Wood Thrushes were singing up a storm, but then again so was everyone else.  We saw 38 species, including 3 new ones for us: Hooded Warbler, Chestnut Sided Warbler, and Evening Grosbeak (at least that’s what the seasoned birders said it was…). [UPDATE: The Evening Grosbeak report was disallowed as being too unusual to be credible. Scratch that one. See here for a report on the disappearing Evening Grosbeaks.]

Some pics:

Hooded Warbler

Canada Warbler


Chestnut Sided Warbler


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