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From our walk in Tyler Arboretum this morning

It was a chilly but beautiful morning for a walk in the fields and woods of Tyler Arboretum. Not too much was stirring, but there were a few of our friends about.  Here’s a little fox:

This one decided to have a nap in a nice warm spot of sun:

And this Red Tailed Hawk kept watch in the woods:


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Some Recent Birding Pics

First up, from the Ridley Creek Bridle Trail, a female Downy Woodpecker posing for the camera:

Next up, a beautiful Eastern Bluebird:

How about a Fox Sparrow?

Or a Red Tailed Hawk, perched?

A Carolina Wren…perhaps looking you right in the eye?

Not impressed yet?  How about a Gray Catbird? Sure, dime a dozen…but not in February! (We’ve been seeing them in various places over the last few weeks, one at a time except for today, when we saw three together.)

[GRCA Okehocking, 2/21/12 4:30 pm]

If that weren’t enough, last week we saw a Northern Parula! Sorry, no pic. I was too busy trying to i.d a bird that shouldn’t’ve been there, so you will have to take our word for it. But whether you do or don’t, spring is coming, and these seasonal rarities will be beautifully abundant and abundantly beautiful!

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Pileated Woodpecker

Seen on our walk this afternoon at Tyler Arboretum.


And some preening…:


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Our neighbor, the fox

This one and a friend were out enjoying our community this morning.



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