A reconciliation between science and religion?

Trina Hoaks:  No way!

People have tried to reconcile the two, but we see what happens when religious people try to marry religion and science. We get the Templeton Foundation and the Discovery Institute or worse – the crackpot site Answers in Genesis. These groups are not in the business of promoting science. They are in the business of reconciling religion and science by perverting science via intellectual dishonesty so that is no longer distinguishable as science. Science is not something to be reconciled to anything, really. The only reconciliation that is prudent is within science itself – the reconciliation of theories and evidence.

William E. Carroll:  There is nothing to reconcile.

But contrary to what appear to many to be the current fundamental challenges to faith, the greatest threat to faith is not unbelief, the “new atheism” (or the older varieties, for that matter), the simplistic philosophical judgment that the world needs no explanation beyond itself and that, as Stephen Hawking once famously remarked, “there is nothing for a creator to do.” Rather, the greatest challenge to faith comes from a view often used to defend faith: the view that radically separates and opposes faith and reason and which, at times, maintains that belief is a matter of the heart and not the mind. […] To flee from reason (and science) to the seeming safety of faith alone flies in the face of Catholic teaching and, ultimately, eviscerates faith itself. There can be no faith without reason. This does not mean that faith is subordinate to reason, even though faith presupposes reason. The new atheists are the ones who really have a restricted and distorted notion of reason. They think that there can be reason without God, or, even worse, that to embrace reason one must reject God. But faith helps the believer to see the full amplitude of reason: to see how reason, as well as faith, leads us to God.

John Gray:  I don’t know, but religion’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Evangelising rationalists will continue to deny the fact, but religion – in all its varieties – is shaping the future, much as it shaped the past.

Osel Hita Torres:  I don’t know, but don’t call me Lama Tenzin Osel.

I never felt like that boy.

Richard Dawkins:  Yeah, right, sure…har, har.

We are robot vehicles blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes.

Christopher Hitchens:  Sod off!

So you’re willing to take a very large number of very important assertions completely on faith? I don’t respect that, I have to tell you.

(Like he doesn’t…like anyone could do otherwise….)

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