Blessing of the Sun–April 8

Birkat Hachaman, the  blessing of the sun, is a Jewish ritual performed once every 28 years, when, it is said, the sun aligns to its exact location as it was on the fourth day of Creation as it began to shine in the primordial heavens.  See here for a video introduction.  And here is a passionate plea by the Rebbe for development of solar energy from 1981, the last time Birkat Hachamah was celebrated.  You can learn more here [.pdf], including a table for finding the exact time of sunrise in your area for tomorrow, April 8, 2009 (Erev Pesach 5769).

The Blessing
Blessed are You, HASHEM our God,
King of the universe,
who makes the work of creation.
God, Master over all created things, blessed and
praised in the mouth of every soul. His greatness
and goodness fill the universe; knowledge and understanding
surround Him.
He Who is exalted above the holy beings, and is
adorned with glory above the chariot. Purity and uprightness
are before His throne; lovingkindness and
mercy are before His glory.
Good are the luminaries which our God has created;
He formed them with knowledge, insight and reason.
Strength and power has He placed in them, that they
may have dominion throughout the world.
Full of luster and radiating brightness, beautiful
is their luster throughout the universe. Joyous
in their rising and exultant in their setting, they
perform with awe the will of their possessor.
Glory and honor they give to His Name, jubilation
and song to the mention of His sovereignty.
He called to the sun and light shined; He
observed and ordained the form of the moon.
All the hosts on high render praise unto Him;
the Seraphim and Ophanim and holy beings render
glory and greatness.

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