Yes…what ARE they thinking?

One of our local publications, Main Line Today, just published a little feature on Metanexus.  In it, I am described as a “real-life philosopher,” an appellation I think I’ll keep, thank you very much.  Money quote from Hansell:  “The ideas here at Metanexus go beyond the jamming.”  I think we’ll use that for the title of our next conference:  “Beyond the Jamming:  A Transdisciplinary Approach.”

Some other observations:

  • While it is true, as the article notes, that we do not “necessarily ‘foam at the mouth'” over controversy, we do contingently foam at the mouth over controversy.
  • The article notes that Metanexus is “providing a forum for those passionate about discovery and cosmic fine-tuning.”  And…well…LOTs of stuff, too!
  • I am quoted as saying, “It’s not a cocktail hour.”  I would never say that.  For me, it is–ontologically–cocktail hour!
  • The article states (that we think, I guess) that “Everyone is an expert, and no one knows the answer to anything.” It is not a quote, and I never said it, but now I’m kinda wishing I did.  It’s a koan.

Elsewhere, I am quoted as saying,

“We’re always glad to have rich resources. Maybe there are none like we have here, but we’re still interested in these questions, and I’m convinced they should matter to everyone—academics and non-academics, young and old, the boy who works at Borders and also runs his high school philosophy club, and the churches and libraries.”

Uh…what?  What’s that about the resources?  And the boy who works at Borders? (Not me, brother.)  Also:  academics, non-academics, the young, the old, the boys and the men constitute, in part, “everyone.”  Churches and libraries do not.

The article goes on:

“Real wisdom is a collective thing,” Weislogel adds. “You draw out wisdom. The search for it is a form of intellectual and spiritual tourism—and the sun never really sets on such things.”

The quest for wisdom is NOT “a form of intellectual and spiritual tourism,” although the sun never really sets on it.  The “tourism” refers to some of those not in academia who choose to attend our annual conference, especially when we have them in interesting locales.  Not a bad little vacation, really.  But it doesn’t refer to the quest, the thing itself.

Anyway, thanks to Main Line Today, though, for checking us out and providing us a little local visibility (and me a bit of amusement).  And the picture makes us look every bit as awesome as we are!


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